Casino Blackjack Baccarat: A Seafaring, Swashbuckling Magic Robot

Once again, tabletop RPGs spring to the rescue and inspire my artwork. Meet Casino Blackjack Baccarat, a thrill-seeking, seafaring magic robot with a penchant for pizzazz. Here, I’ll let them tell their story in their own words:

Sometimes you make a composite golem and it realizes, “Hey, I’m a golem.” That happened with this enchanter, Roulette Rondello from Cape Fortune, and she was like, “You wanna work with me for a couple decades?” and I was like, “Sure,” and she was like, “Cool.” See, I was the golem.

It was a decent gig, enchanter’s assistant, but I realized I needed to get versed in the ways of the world beyond just doing tasks for room and board in a magic workshop. So I pulled a few strings and started working on a boat, hauling cargo and navigating and fighting pirates. You know, ship stuff.

Roulette and I are still tight, though. We stay in touch and try to help each other out when we can. I send her back alchemy reagents from time to time, and she sends me the occasional arcane prototype. Like this thing. Doesn’t it look fly as hell? Tell me it doesn’t look fly as hell.

C.B.B., Esq.

Cas may be a seafaring swashbuckler, but make no mistake: they’re no pirate. In their view, pirates are enemies of liberty, and their arch-nemesis, the pirate captain Arpeggio Fandango once attempted to steal them. They escaped his sinister grasp by seizing one of his crew and jumping overboard. Cas didn’t need to breathe, but the crewman did.

And here’s a couple bonuses for you: a post-it note warm-up doodle of Cas, original Cas lineart that you can print out and go all coloring-book on, and an AI-assisted retouching of their concept art. Enjoy, and thanks so much so much for checking out my latest things!

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