Lego Mecha Mania: More Mobile Frame Zeroes

The Mobile Frame Zeroing continues! I’d like to share with you my MF0 company: presenting the BIOHOV (Bipedal Independent-Operation Heavy-Output Vehicle) squad for desert bandit gang The Red-Jaw Jackals. Yes, of course these are part of my post-apocalyptic magical sci-fi tabletop RPG world of goblins and reptile people. Did you entertain, even for a second, the notion that they were not? The lore is thick.

Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Blackjack Bouncer, equipped with scrap shield, phozon projector pistol, guided-jump jets, and piggyback ethcom unit

Model: Blackjack Bouncer (modified MB-03)
Pilot: K-Heavy (M reptile)

Phozon Projector Pistol (direct-fire weapon/2Rd)
Scrap Shield (defense/1B)
Guided-Jump Jets (movement/1G)
Piggyback Ethcom Unit (surveillance/1Y)

K-Heavy roll deep. You show teeth at K, K-tatch show you where the scorpions do they winter.

Model: Dunejumper (modified MB-03)
Pilot: Twitch (F goblin)

OptAssist Phozon Projector (direct-fire weapon/2Rd)
Ventic Field Pavise (defense/1B)
Paired Heavy Jump Jets (movement/1G)
Converted EMDAR array (surveillance/1Y)
Single-Shot Rocket (Rd8)

Twitch got beef with her boss. K straight slouchin’ on ya girl like Uncle Doubles, knaamsayin’?

Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Blackjack Bouncer, equipped with ventic field pavise, optassist phozon projector, paired heavy jump jet, and EMDAR unit
Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Underbite, equipped with twin-linked Xarelto cannon, ventic field projector, and scoot jets

Model: Underbite (MB-05)
Pilot: Ijimaru (M reptile)

Twin-Linked Xarelto Cannon (artillery weapon/2Ra+R8)
Ventic Field Projector (defense/1B)
Scoot jets (movement/1G)

First discovered by Dr. Izma Hedsmort in KV 744, the Xarelto particle’s mass is proportional to its velocity. Ijimaru’s bombardment cannons fire Xarelto clusters into the sky, where they come crashing back to earth at absurd velocities. “Ijimaru” is a nickname derived from the verb “ijimeru,” meaning “to bully.”

Model: Can Opener (modified LB-03)
Pilot: Nailbiter (F reptile)

Threensaw + Vibro-Axe (melee weapon/2Rh+R8)
Deflex Alloy Plating (defense/1B)
Heavy Jump Jet (movement/1G)
Single-Shot Rocket (Rd8)

It’s not her own nails that she’s biting.

Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Can Opener, equipped with "threensaw" triple chainsaw claw, vibro-axe, deflex alloy plating, heavy jump jet, and single-shot rocket
Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Blackbody, equipped with Paired Phozon Pulse Pistol, Ventic Field Projector, Industrial-Grade Grapnel, and Standard EMDAR array

Model: Blackbody (modified LB-03)
Pilot: Sassafrast Mivis (M goblin)

Paired Phozon Pulse Pistol (direct-fire weapon/2Rd)
Ventic Field Projector (defense/1B)
Industrial-Grade Grapnel (movement/1G)
Standard EMDAR array (surveillance/1Y)

Look, some of the crew I don’t have much to say about. I just like the name “Sassafrast.”

Model: Sand Scrapper (modified LB-03)
Pilot: Muzuka (F reptile)

Caloric Phozon Thrower (direct-fire weapon/2Rd)
Deflex Alloy Pavise (defense/1B)
Vectored-Thrust Microjets (movement/1G)
Standard EMDAR array (surveillance/1Y)
Single-Shot Rocket (Rd8)

Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Sand Scrapper, equipped with Caloric Phozon Thrower, Deflex Alloy Pavise, Vectored-Thrust Microjets, Standard EMDAR array

I’ve had a lot of fun putting these together, equipping them, and coating them in delicious world-building fluff. I’m looking forward to deploying them soon and actually playing the game!

What will the next post be? More Mobile Frames Zero? Cartooning? A rant? Not even I can discern the future!

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