Mobile Frame Zero: Tiny Giant Robots Made of Lego

Mobile Frame Zero Lego mecha model, Neon Colossus

I have a new hobby. Mobile Frame Zero is an open-source tactical wargame played using mecha made from Lego. Ever since I heard about it from Penny Arcade in 2012, apparently (dang son), I’ve been meaning to get into it. A handful of weeks ago, I finally dug my old Lego collection out of the basement and started building.

I used to keep my Lego kits strictly separated, meticulously assembled into the models on each kit’s box, but it seems three decades of distance from my childhood Lego-ing days have divested me of such compulsions. I’m having a blast with the freedom of freebuilding and the challenge of assembling my assortment of random pieces into functional, aesthetically pleasing models.

Working at this scale is an unprecedented challenge. It’s hard to create free-standing, poseable models at such a small resolution, without succumbing to an abundance of cylindrical studs screaming “Lego model” at maximum volume. I was pleased enough with this first attempt, but I knew a second shot would be even better, so I’ve already disassembled these frames and started creating a new squad. You can expect further photos in the near future.

Have you built any Mobile Frame Zeros? Do you have any tips for constructing tiny mecha? If so, drop a comment and share your things from you, a person!

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