Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition: Gunslinger Character Portrait

This week a friend of mine is starting up a new D&D campaign. And because I am a control freak who wants to make sure everyone has the correct mental image of my character, I drew my character.

portrait of Dungeons and Dragons gunslinger player character, Morrigan, in blue brass-button vest and green bandanna

This is Morrigan, a 19-year-old exhibition shootist who has been traveling with the Witchlight Carnival. She has a flintlock pistol and very little combat experience, but she’s adept at using her pistol in performances (Dexterity + Proficiency bonus for firearms-based Perform skill checks). She received her pistol and her basic training in it from a wandering wizard.

There’s a whole story about how the wizard taught the village how to defend themselves and their flocks against blister wyrms, but then a bunch of villagers started saying the wizard brought the wyrms in the first place and then a mob drove him out of town, but that’s a story for another time.

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