Adventures of Yossi and Tal: Comic Strips

logo for the Adventures of Yossi and Tal comic strip, text in Hebrew, showing the two bearded, male, Jewish main characters

Back in 2019, I started teaching myself Hebrew using Duolingo. Some of the sentences were so absurd, I started taking note of the most ridiculous examples (e.g. “I am a mushroom”) and illustrating them in Far-Side-style one-panel comics. I intended to see if Duolingo was interested in purchasing them for serial publication or use in bonus lessons or suchlike. And of course, as I drew the comics, Duolingo began codifying their visual style in a completely different direction from the style I had adopted.

So I originally shared The Adventures of Yossi and Tal with my Patrons on my currently-closed Patreon. I’m reposting them here to share with you publicly. I have a few ideas in my back pocket as to what I may eventually do with them, but for the time being, enjoy!

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